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I Need To Talk But Not Necessarily To The Proverbial You

Peace. I was compelled to write this blog as I have endured some relationship woes and lost connections with loved ones and friends even as recent as the last few weeks. I have reached a place of indifference about it and so below, I will try to share and write out my feelings.

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National Poetry Writing Month 2011! (Check Daily)

Peace. Last year, I participated in the National Poetry Writing Month (conveniently known as NaPoWriMo) due to inspiration from talented poet Derrick Weston Brown, a poet-in-residence at Busboy and Poets in DC. I’m nobody’s poet but I do try to get creative when I can.  It is such a departure from  my usual work. I hope you enjoy.  I will list my poems below daily. Continue reading

It’s Time To Venture Out

Peace. I just wanted to share some news about a new project I’m building up that I hope folks will support. I’m extremely nervous about it too. Read more below. Continue reading

Poem: Untitled

Peace. I was inspired to write this after watching 500 Days Of Summer for the 4th time. Great movie if you haven’t seen it but full of male bitterness — which I think is refreshing. I also love break-up movies and songs so it’s a perfect mix. Anyway…on to the poem. Continue reading

Neat Tool For Those With Writer’s Block

Peace. I suffer with a bout of the dreaded writer’s block at least once a week. It’s gotten so bad that I’ve had mental and physical breakdowns as a result. Hopefully this tool I linked below will get you out of the rut and back in the flow. Enjoy. Continue reading

Wanna Read Part 2? Sure Ya Do!

Peace. Here’s part 2 of the short story series attempt. In this piece, I try to write differently and keep the woman’s thoughts more insular, which is how I imagine her. Let me know if you think it ties neatly enough with the first part. PEACE! Continue reading

Read My Short Story, Please? (revised)

Peace! This is the revised version. I pray you all have enough patience to read what I did here and comment again. I tried to “humanize” the characters more and give background. Don’t worry, the woman/women get plenty of say as the story goes on. Remember that although I am a writer, creative writing is not my strong suit. Be very critical, please? Thank you! Continue reading