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Is The HJ Making A Strong Comeback?

Peace. I would like to warn that this following entry is not intended for audiences under the age of 18 as I will be linking sites not appropriate for those under that age. If there’s a way to put a warning link to this entry, please comment and let me know. I wanted to write about this for a while but didn’t have the proper inspiration — until now. Please follow along and chime in if you dare. Continue reading


On: Defining Sexuality.

Peace. I originally wrote this on my Facebook page. I was hoping folks would chime in more but nobody ever did. Let’s hope we can get some discussion going here. I wish to preface this by saying I am not a man of letters nor am I seeking to define a woman’s sexuality in any way. I’m just a curious soul in this regard. I hope I don’t come off as prying.  Continue reading

A Small Debate Abt Sex, Porn, Etc.

Peace. I posted these questions on #thatsite (lol…those who know, know and no, I’m not hating on the place. Just poking fun.) and I was shocked to get some really serious answers. I’m opening this discussion up on the blog with a slightly expanded version. Please comment with your thoughts. I’d love to hear then. PEACE! Continue reading