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The Masks We’ve Worn

Peace. I’ve learned¬† a lot about deception in relationships and the evolution of one’s character plus the strange ways in which some things are full circle when it comes to the varying levels of all relationships. I speak from that place as a hetero male, but I know the web is just as tangled and fascinating among my LBGT friends. I hope some of you read this and relate too.¬† Pardon my rambling, good people. Continue reading


A Small Debate Abt Sex, Porn, Etc.

Peace. I posted these questions on #thatsite (lol…those who know, know and no, I’m not hating on the place. Just poking fun.) and I was shocked to get some really serious answers. I’m opening this discussion up on the blog with a slightly expanded version. Please comment with your thoughts. I’d love to hear then. PEACE! Continue reading