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National Poetry Writing Month 2011! (Check Daily)

Peace. Last year, I participated in the National Poetry Writing Month (conveniently known as NaPoWriMo) due to inspiration from talented poet Derrick Weston Brown, a poet-in-residence at Busboy and Poets in DC. I’m nobody’s poet but I do try to get creative when I can.  It is such a departure from  my usual work. I hope you enjoy.  I will list my poems below daily. Continue reading


National Poetry Writing Month *check daily*

Peace. Thanks to the excellent poet-in-residence Derrick Weston Brown of Busboy and Poets, I have foolishly decided to try this Poem-A-Day deal.  Be sure to also check out the NaPoWriMo website and all the other wonderful poets that have joined this great effort. I’m so glad to be a part of it. Now, to be honest, I’m not anyone’s poet. I RHYME MY BUTT OFF THO (lol). Anyway, there will be haiku, rhymes, lyrics, words and all sorts of stuff here  in this space. Keep checking back as I’m going to house them all here. Continue reading

Poem: Untitled

Peace. I was inspired to write this after watching 500 Days Of Summer for the 4th time. Great movie if you haven’t seen it but full of male bitterness — which I think is refreshing. I also love break-up movies and songs so it’s a perfect mix. Anyway…on to the poem. Continue reading

Haikus For You (Or You, Or Even You)


I know someone reading these will be vain enough to think these words are about them. Maybe they are, but most likely (especially as good as my life is right now) they’re probably not. Maybe you (or you, or even you) inspired PART of this but you do not hold sway over any part of me. I own my love and I own my path. You are welcome to witness the growth. Continue reading

Dark Quiet Corner

Peace. I occasionally write poetry. This is the latest joint I’ve crafted in a while (that I liked). I hope you can dig it. Continue reading

Untitled (Poem)

*I wrote this on the bus, the Z11 in Silver Spring in fact, in 2005.* Continue reading

Regal (Poem)

*A Short Poem I wrote some years ago.* Continue reading