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Relationships Require Work: Making A Rant Sensible

Peace. A couple of people who follow me on Twitter asked me to consolidate my overlong rant on love, relationships and such. I realize I was tweeting a bit much but I was in a moment where I needed to get this off my mind. I will share the process behind the rant and offer more elaborate thoughts as they come. Continue reading


Looking Past Your Own B.S.

Peace. Based on some events in the last few years and the past weekend, I realize I’ve left both a trail of hurt and confusion and even doubt in the people I’ve loved and women I’ve dated. This is not an intended thing and I’ll do my best to explain below. Continue reading

Daddy Issues? Maybe.

Peace. I want to preface this entry by saying that while I am not sure if I love or even like my father, I have always admired him for making himself successful despite his limitations. I know he’s had his struggles and continues to deal with them. But I can’t rightly say it brings me to a point of compassion towards him. It’s difficult for me to write this post. I’ve been wondering if being this bare about a deeply touchy subject would open me up to some ridicule or heavy criticism. I don’t know what the words following will mean for you, but I am totally doing this to clear my head.

Continue reading

Blog Alert: Convention Of Those Wounded In Love

*Peace. Discovered as a ReTweet from one of my Twitter friends @majeeda (hello, love). Powerful words from Paulo Coelho.* Continue reading

Reverence (Poem)

*This poem is filled with foul language so prepare yourself.* Continue reading