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When Giving Less Than A F*ck Doesn’t Work

Peace. I’ve been so intense lately with my emotions. I’ve reacted to loved ones with tension, lost a few yards with formerly close people and I generally began to not care how it left me – except that wasn’t true. I’ve had a few days to process my thoughts and this blog entry is part of the process. Well at least the part I’m willing to share in a public manner. Continue reading


A New Year, A New Focus, A New Way.

Peace. I promised myself I’d blog more and fill this space up with my thoughts. Hopefully I can connect myself with some of you. Maybe one day, I’ll connect with you all. Do know I write for me (most days) but I hope to share a part my process and progress with those who choose to read this. Continue reading

A Mantra I Hope To Live By

Peace. I was on Twitter tonight doing my usual time-wasting when a rush of words began to hit me as I read a tweet from a local DC area music artist. I then realized I need to not forsake my gift for music, art and writing. I need to remember I have something to give to the existing and new artists here in my city. We can make our city great again and I want to be a part of it. Below are the tweets exactly as they appeared to me. Continue reading

How Do You Fix A Burned Bridge?

Peace. This is the first of what I think will be many entries talking about things that have sped through my mind lately. The theme that resonates in me lately is not one of closure but a new and hopefully improved beginning. Read on for more. Continue reading

Book Alert: Being In Love

Peace. One of my good brothers is currently reading the book Being In Love: How to Love With Awareness and Relate Without Fear and I’ve read the book late last year. At the time, I struggled with some of the concepts in the book but I am more aware of the book’s message now more than ever. I urge anyone who considers themselves on the path of healing to pick this one up. Continue reading

Spring Again Indeed

Peace. Just  a few words about the season’s changes and what I’ve learned and am learning as a result. I’m actually just getting out what I feel in my head. Big shout to my dunn for life Young H, the greatest bro I’ve had in years. Continue reading

Haikus For You (Or You, Or Even You)


I know someone reading these will be vain enough to think these words are about them. Maybe they are, but most likely (especially as good as my life is right now) they’re probably not. Maybe you (or you, or even you) inspired PART of this but you do not hold sway over any part of me. I own my love and I own my path. You are welcome to witness the growth. Continue reading