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Understanding Desire: A Man’s Point Of View

Peace. I wrote this a while ago and I’m not sure why I haven’t put it up. The blog’s been inactive and coming across this draft, I decided to put it up for discussion. I hope a lot of you chime in on this one. Continue reading


Encourage The Love In Others, No Matter What

Peace. After having drinks with a woman I had a romantic relationship with, I came up with these words. As anyone who knows my story well, this blog is part of my therapy. It helps me with sorting out my feelings and gets me to a point of marking my progress. Below I will share what I think is a beautiful epiphany.

Continue reading

Is The HJ Making A Strong Comeback?

Peace. I would like to warn that this following entry is not intended for audiences under the age of 18 as I will be linking sites not appropriate for those under that age. If there’s a way to put a warning link to this entry, please comment and let me know. I wanted to write about this for a while but didn’t have the proper inspiration — until now. Please follow along and chime in if you dare. Continue reading