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Relationships Require Work: Making A Rant Sensible

Peace. A couple of people who follow me on Twitter asked me to consolidate my overlong rant on love, relationships and such. I realize I was tweeting a bit much but I was in a moment where I needed to get this off my mind. I will share the process behind the rant and offer more elaborate thoughts as they come. Continue reading


On: Defining Sexuality.

Peace. I originally wrote this on my Facebook page. I was hoping folks would chime in more but nobody ever did. Let’s hope we can get some discussion going here. I wish to preface this by saying I am not a man of letters nor am I seeking to define a woman’s sexuality in any way. I’m just a curious soul in this regard. I hope I don’t come off as prying.  Continue reading

How Social Is Your Media?

Peace. I was inspired to write this after engaging several people about their involvement with social media and its various outlets. I wanted to express my love and equal disdain of the phenomenon with equal balance. In fact, I may make this a topic with Inkognegro in the future for our Black Odd Couple show. Continue reading

Could I Be A Relationship Talk Show Host pt 2?

Peace. This is part 2 from an earlier entry I made. I wanted to show balance and display how I’ve often advised my two oldest sisters (one of which is graduating college next spring) and my female friends. I hope you’ll enjoy and gain something out of it. Continue reading