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Could I Be A Relationship Talk Show Host pt 2?

Peace. This is part 2 from an earlier entry I made. I wanted to show balance and display how I’ve often advised my two oldest sisters (one of which is graduating college next spring) and my female friends. I hope you’ll enjoy and gain something out of it. Continue reading


The Burden Of Guilt

Peace. This is an attempt to (vaguely) speak on some personal experiences and a way to vent without venting I guess. The truth is, there won’t be a lot of detail here but there will be openness. Or at least my honest attempt at talking about my failures in relationships. Continue reading

Could I Be A Relationship Talk Show Host Pt 1?

Peace. This post was inspired in part by a series of Twitter discussions (which inspires everything here nearly) about relationships and the even-handed advice I’ve tried to share. I’ll be speaking to the Men in this blog. I’ll follow-up with a post devoted to the Women soon.  Continue reading