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F*ck You: A Way Of Letting Go

Peace. I think anyone who’s known me a while know that I love break-up songs, especially those when someone’s getting told they’re worthless piles of dung on the other end. That’s so awesome to me. Soul Singer Cee-Lo’s “F*ck You” comes to mind and boy do I understand that pain. Anyway, I’m not a song writer but I will send some firing shots to some past people as a way to finally bury those memories and move on. Continue reading


Oh You’re Still Reading This?

Peace. I realize the only time I blog or write is when I’m feeling moved by a moment or person or some extreme of the sort. I need a stimulus and it’s usually an emotional one. This time, I have nothing happen of the sort but just a series of good moments and a really great summer. In fact, I’ll try to capture my mood from the summer on below. Continue reading

Looking Past Your Own B.S.

Peace. Based on some events in the last few years and the past weekend, I realize I’ve left both a trail of hurt and confusion and even doubt in the people I’ve loved and women I’ve dated. This is not an intended thing and I’ll do my best to explain below. Continue reading

How Do You Fix A Burned Bridge?

Peace. This is the first of what I think will be many entries talking about things that have sped through my mind lately. The theme that resonates in me lately is not one of closure but a new and hopefully improved beginning. Read on for more. Continue reading

It’s Time To Venture Out

Peace. I just wanted to share some news about a new project I’m building up that I hope folks will support. I’m extremely nervous about it too. Read more below. Continue reading

Spring Again Indeed

Peace. Just  a few words about the season’s changes and what I’ve learned and am learning as a result. I’m actually just getting out what I feel in my head. Big shout to my dunn for life Young H, the greatest bro I’ve had in years. Continue reading

Poem: Untitled

Peace. I was inspired to write this after watching 500 Days Of Summer for the 4th time. Great movie if you haven’t seen it but full of male bitterness — which I think is refreshing. I also love break-up movies and songs so it’s a perfect mix. Anyway…on to the poem. Continue reading