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The About Page: I Assure You, I’m Not THAT Interesting

I suppose this blog will be about many things. It has been said by friends and family that I have strong, articulate opinions. I don’t know if that’s exactly a compliment, but I will say that my goal is to be informative, entertaining, engaging, and to always be fair. I will blog about life, love, sex, war, peace, nature, music, food and what ever comes across my big beautiful brain. I have lately been interested in feminism (as it pertains to male involvement), sex-positive feminism, and the global impact of patriarchy. I am a big supporter of Hip Hop and Dancehall Reggae music. I love some sports, mainly American pro football and professional basketball (my fave). I enjoy reading really difficult books about subjects or topics that on the surface wouldn’t appear to be my sort of thing. I’ve been struggling of late with how pornography affects the mind and fuels our perception of what healthy sex is (all while still enjoying it). I’ve also been struggling with being emotionally honest, forthcoming and truly open with my inner workings. There’s also a bit of me trying to be a creative writer all of a sudden. For those that know me, you also know I’ve been a professional editor/writer for almost twelve years now. I really appreciate every second a person spends on my blog. It’s just a bunch of words, really.

See, I’m a dichotomy just like you.

So welcome…glad you could make it.



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