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F*ck You: A Way Of Letting Go

Peace. I think anyone who’s known me a while know that I love break-up songs, especially those when someone’s getting told they’re worthless piles of dung on the other end. That’s so awesome to me. Soul Singer Cee-Lo’s “F*ck You” comes to mind and boy do I understand that pain. Anyway, I’m not a song writer but I will send some firing shots to some past people as a way to finally bury those memories and move on.Peace…no all of the below things I write are current things on my mind. Just my way of letting go the past.

– F*ck you for letting the tall, fat, hairy artist get in between us and allowing him to disrespect me and you for all his habitual and routine line stepping. You were a total ass for telling me I should be thankful for him. F*ck you for that. I almost snuffed his big ass and contrary to your belief, I would have broke his sh*t wide open easily. Everything else we cool on but f*ck you deeply for that.

– F*ck you for stringing me along when you could have had some human decency to just say you’re not into the sh*t. You didn’t have to bullsh*t me to not be alone. I would have been cool being on a roster of sorts but you feigned relationsh*t status, you f*cking asshole. I know I said I’m happy for your new relationship and I meant it but a small but growing part of me hopes he f*cks you over like you did me…matter of fact, I hope he does it on a more epic fashion. Then I’ll feel like we’re even. Until then, f*ck you.

– F*ck you for being a disgusting human being and not taking care of your temple and effectively killing our child. I look at you now and you’re a piece of walking, talking trash. I wish you nothing but failure. F*ck you for even existing.

– F*ck you for having all that unprotected, reckless sex behind my back and running the risk I’d catch some STD or worse. You’re lucky I didn’t choke you out within an inch of your life. It’s no wonder you have nothing going on for yourself besides your rancid, overused p*ssy. F*ck you for being such a useless b*tch.

– F*ck you for expecting the world out of me when you barely motivated yourself to wash your nasty ass daily. You ran me through the ringer and had me doing things you knew were beyond my scope…all because I loved your stupid ass. I heard you’re struggling down there. I can’t say I was sad about it. Me and the boys had a good laugh about it. F*ck you and I hope you suffer more setbacks.

Man…I feel so much better now. I really had to get those bars off my chest. But I’ll admit this to you all: I hate that I have to be in this space to write all of this out. My brother is going through something epic with a woman he loved and thought loved him. Similar to my situation, it was just a ruse. Now I see his pain and feel his anger towards dating and women a bit clearer now. But like he just said to me and I believe, it won’t ruin us. These assholes that we had some manner of relationships with will suffer their respective fates. I’m finally able to admit I’m not so elevated as to not root for them to fall even deeper into personal despair.

Perhaps I’ll grow to love the memories instead of hating the facts.



7 Responses

  1. umm mean and vicious. Lord have mercy. At least you got it out. I don’t know what to say. Just remind me to never, ever, piss you off.

  2. Sometimes you just have to say that shit.

  3. Sometimes sentiment is lost in political correctness. In affairs of the heart, pc can hide pain. That pain holds the lesson for the transgressor. Sometimes, a good stern ‘F*** You’ is the immortal messenger you must commission to deliver that sentiment to said transgressor. I can’t fault you. I wouldn’t try.

  4. So I was reading this to a nine inch nails song playin in my MP3. I’m not sure if that was what made it sound so menacing. I have to say I loved it. I wish more blogs could be so honest.

  5. I feel better for you after reading this. I think I’m going to make a similar list.

  6. Um. What in the WORLD? Totally not the guy I see on da twittuhs. But, somehow…I’m ok with that, considering the sentiment behind the post. I understand and I approve *raises glass* Carry on.

  7. Some of these thoughts mimic my own….kudos to you..

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