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A Mantra I Hope To Live By

Peace. I was on Twitter tonight doing my usual time-wasting when a rush of words began to hit me as I read a tweet from a local DC area music artist. I then realized I need to not forsake my gift for music, art and writing. I need to remember I have something to give to the existing and new artists here in my city. We can make our city great again and I want to be a part of it. Below are the tweets exactly as they appeared to me.

“I will become a more dedicated music artist & music journalist. I will not take my talents for granted. I will collaborate & honor time.

I will seek out like-minded individuals & truly build a moment/movement. I will connect good people w/ other good people. We will create.

I will change the inactivity in myself & become a proponent to the rich musical culture we have in my city & abroad. I am an ally.

I will realize my gifts are larger than me & they are not solely for me. I will give more than I’ve given before. I will help others.

I will criticize art honestly but not w/o sound reasons or countering points. I will not tear down another artist for fame. I will build.

All the above are from my Twitter account. I think I may expand upon this mantra, tighten it up, make it more spiritually relevant and focused. I know I needed to write this because I feel a much-needed rush of peace.”

Peace. Thanks For Reading.


One Response

  1. Good luck as you go on this journey w/ your talents… Sometimes, we need that epiphany to strike up in us and move us forward… Peace man~

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