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It’s Time To Venture Out

Peace. I just wanted to share some news about a new project I’m building up that I hope folks will support. I’m extremely nervous about it too. Read more below.


I’ve not written as much in this space as I’ve needed or wanted to due to time constraints, lack of inspiration and what I’d like to call a ton of real life. However, I am starting to feel the itch again but I don’t know if I’m as interested in telling a bunch of strangers about struggles and life with me being the sole focus. That isn’t to say I won’t be updating this blog or sharing my thoughts. In fact, I’m going to keep this space for what it is — a series of brain blips and bleeps from a man still learning who he is at this “advanced” age. That decision to remain bare and open (when I can handle the exposure) is still valid. I am going to continue but I have a dream I want to make a reality.

In the coming weeks, I will be embarking upon a new journey. I will begin a site/blog that will be for men, about men, written by men and will be done sans pretense or ego. I want this space to be a safe haven for men to express the wide swath of our emotions and realities. I need this to be a site where our words can’t be dissected to minute insignificance, or decried as being insular. We will be bold, fearless and expressive. We will not mute emotions for bravado and we will challenge archaic notions of manhood all while challenging our own limits. We will welcome criticism and hopefully inspire HEALTHY and PRODUCTIVE debate. We will talk about health and mental issues that plague us all. I will do my best to insure we cover every base we can. I’ve purchased the URL and I imagine I’ll be the main writer for a spell. But since my vocation is largely editorial, I intend to reach out to brothers with sharp pen games and good conversation to add to what I hope will become a much-needed voice. I want to make something bigger than all of us all while learning, teaching and growing at the same time.

Just give me a little time. I’ll make you all proud of me.




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  1. sounds amazing…simple yet refreshing. i wish you well on this & life in general

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