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Book Alert: Being In Love

Peace. One of my good brothers is currently reading the book Being In Love: How to Love With Awareness and Relate Without Fear and I’ve read the book late last year. At the time, I struggled with some of the concepts in the book but I am more aware of the book’s message now more than ever. I urge anyone who considers themselves on the path of healing to pick this one up.


My friend is reading this book now and it’s reminding me so much of where I was when I first discovered it. Here’s a great quote from the book:

“If somebody loves you, be thankful, but don’t demand anything – because the other person has no obligation to love you. If someone loves you, it is a miracle – be thrilled by that miracle… love needs a climate of love, love needs a climate of gratitude, love needs a climate of thankfulness. Love needs a non-demanding atmosphere, a non-expecting atmosphere.” – Osho

I’m learning that I love in big and small ways and even with that, I have huge blockages on my soul and heart which have lead me to poor decisions, unbalanced relationships and a good sense of what I can and cannot do. I’m also reeling from a series of events over years that have put me in a reflective, if sometimes defensive, state. I am sure I need to read this book again and I encourage any of you in love, trying to find love or just plain want to understand pure love to read this very informative book. I hope one day I figure this out and become a greater asset to my loved ones.

Here’s a video link of Osho here:




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  1. Purchasing the book as we speak….thank you for the recommendation….

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