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National Poetry Writing Month Part 2! *Check Daily*

Peace. Thanks to the excellent poet-in-residence Derrick Weston Brown of Busboy and Poets, I have foolishly decided to try this Poem-A-Day deal.  Be sure to also check out the NaPoWriMo website and all the other wonderful poets that have joined this great effort. This is part two/the second half of the month and I’m willing to admit that it’s gotten difficult the last week. Still, I will go on. Thanks for the support.

Day 17


They say you can’t change a person’s mind
Once it’s made
This is true

But you should tell someone (you loved) when it’s changing
It’d be nice
This is true

We just take the easy way out because it hurts less
Well it just hurts one person really
This is true

It is never fair when abruptness is confused with honesty
There are ways to make the division amicable
This is true

But it is also true nobody ever leaves you on even terms
This is true.
So very true

Day 18

For J.F.

You cannot win with those who will not let you
Or do not get you
Or cannot take your honesty

But you will always aim for the belt
Brother of good character and great nature
You provide a fine example for us all

When she comes to you, all of this will be moot
You will find her because you have been close before
And when you do, I will  be there as a brother should

You inspire me to not be afraid of my emotions
But also to use them as guides to clarity
A friend and brother you will always remain

Day 19


We played games
We sang songs
We colored in books
We closed our eyes
We had dreams

We lose these things
We grow up
We grow old
We stop feeding our souls
We stopped being free

We need family
We need friends
We need love
We need to build
We need to live

We need each other

Day 20

I Feel Peace

Fine woman asked me how I felt today
I mean FINE
The kind of fine that makes your mouth dry
And you hope you get a drink

The kind of fine you want to bury your face in
THAT kind of fine
Pam-Grier-Nor-Halle-Berry-Aint-Got-Sh*t-On-Her kinda fine
Breathtakingly fine

I wanted to hold her hand and kiss it
I wanted to sniff her neck
I needed to touch her shoulders
It was tortuous because, well, I am a gentleman

I wanted to answer “I’d be better if you kissed me”
I wanted to say “I feel like Heaven ain’t nowhere near here and you kinda lost, ain’t you?”

I NEEDED to say “I feel like you ought to sit on my lap and feed me….fruit”
I almost said “Hey, um, this is kinda awkward but has anyone told you how fine you is?”

Instead I shyly answered “I feel peace. Totally at peace. How you?”

Day 21

A Related Haiku Trio

I Don’t Like You Much
You May Not Like Me Either
But I’m Glad You’re Gone

You’re Distant And Dishonest
You Won’t Be Happy

I Feel Good Today
Finally Released It All
Good Riddance, My Friend

Day 22

I Just Write, Jack

I Ain’t Sure I Know What
A Sonnet Is

I Ain’t Too Sure What
Alliteration Is Either

I Been Racking My Brain
As To What A Caesura Is

I Thought That Dactyl
Was A Mini Dinosaur

Quatrains and Stanza and Sestet
All Don’t Mean A Thing To Me

I Just Write, Jack.
I Just Write These Words Inside to Out, Jack

I Just Write To Feel Some Connection To
The World and All of The Ugly And Pretty

I Just Pick Up My Grade School Comp Book
Worn, Beat Up, Used, Old. Like Me.

I Just Put These Words In It, Jack
These Words I Can’t Even Hold Anymore

I Ain’t Got No Fancy Moleskine
I Ain’t Got No Pretty Journal

I Ain’t Got No Inscribed Pens
I Damn Sure Don’t Have Good Paper

But I Got These Words, Jack
I Just Be Writing These Words, Jack

Day 23


Hoping For

Lonely For

Looking For

Searching For

Starving For

Needy For

Day 24


I Wish I Could
Thank You
For Letting Me Know
How Much I Needed

Freedom From Your Mockery
Freedom From Your Falsehood
Freedom From Your Fears
Freedom From….

Ego Kept Me Stuck In Place
Supposed Love Kept Me Entranced
Promised Friendship Kept Me Hopeful
Imbalanced Trysts Kept Me Blind
But Also Empty

I Feel The Weight Lifting
I Feel The Glow Returning
I Feel The Shifts To Come
I Feel Alive
So Very Alive

I Guess I Will Thank You
Thank You For Being Nothing
Thank You For Being Callow
Thank You For Nothing At All
Thank You For Pretending To Love Me

Day 25

New Thing

My Eyes Never Deceived Me
Not Like My Lovers Have

My Heart Never Misguided Me
Not Like My Lovers Have

Until Now
Until Now

Here All Along Was This Angel
Made Solely For Me

I Foolishly Chased Utopia
Yet You Were Here All Along

So Glad That I Am Free
I Can Finally See You Now

I Kept You At Bay
Trying To Honor A Fool

I Denied You My Hand
All For A Love That Was Wasteful

My Careful Heart Is Empty
Please Be Gentle With It

I Know You Can Complete Me
I Never Thought It Could Be True

Until Now
Until Now

Day 26

For G.J.

Black King
Righteous Fighter
Serious Thinker
Devoted Lover

Snatched From Evil
Thrust Into Captivity
Pushed Toward Mental Freedom
Discovered Deep Undying Love

Wise Brother
Passionate Elder
Fearless Leader
Proud Panther

Wrote For Liberation
Fought For The Oppressed
Refused To Assimilate
Died For Freedom

Day 27


Wouldn’t It Be Fine
If We Just Lay Here
All Day and Night?

Just Talking About Dreams
And Hopes And Painting
The Clouds From Our Backs?

We Could Feed Each Other
Slowly and With Purpose
Wouldn’t That Be Nice?

I Could Stretch These Legs
And Lay Flat For You
Would You Rest Your Head Here?

I Would Stay So Still
But Every Once In A While
I Would Need To Bring You Closer

My Arm Around Your Back
Your Hair Right Under My Nose
I Just Want To Breath You In

And Lay Here
And Lay Here
And Lay…..Here

Day 28


You may think I’m bitter
But I’m actually very sweet

I want to thank her for making me this way
She has talent for dishonest truth via omission

Hurtful thing it is to be so caustic
But it serves my purpose well

But I knew
I always knew

It began slow then it began to build
Then it began to be apparent she gave up

Or I gave in
Or I gave to

Powerless to stop the downturn
Too weak to plead for mercy

The winds became thin
The storm gave way to brightness

And there I was free of the pain
Unlocked from her prison of malcontent

But I did not hate her
Oh I wanted to

But I did not hate her
I still do not

But a quiet moment offers space
A glimpse into our past

And then I fee the bile
I begin to feel that fire

I want to curse
I need to scream

Instead I say I love you
Hate is what made me love you

Day 29

For Boobie, My Little Brother

I Was Too Young
To Help Raise A Baby

Yet I Could Not Help It
Mother Needed Me

Father Left Us
We Had To Survive

My Little Soldier
Following Me Like The Sun

Had To Shoo You Away
But You Kept At It

Immediate Bond From Start
We Are George and Johnathan

We Are Not Cain and Abel
I Would Never Hurt You

We Still Eat From The Same Plate
The Same Bowl and The Same Spoon

I Would Kill For You
I Would Give My Life For You

And I Know You Would For Me
Because You Know Me Best

My Best Friend
My Most Trusted Warrior

My Brother
I Love You

Day 30

Closing The Book

I Proudly State Some Of
These Poems Had Nothing
To Do With You

Or Her
Or Him
And Especially Them

In My Dark Moments
These Words Made Me
Face The Harshness

But There Is Beauty
In The Words You See Here
So Much Beauty

These Are Dreams
These Are Old Conversations
These Words Are Experience

If You Saw Pain
It Was Not My Own
Not Always

I Gave You Snapshots
I Tried To Express Life
I Tried To Simply Live

These Words Troubled Me
But Now They Comfort
These Beautiful Words


3 Responses

  1. I tried the poetry challenge, starting a few days after the month began. I too, ran into some difficulty last week. But to get over that, I decided that any form of writing would be positive. So, I’m happy about it. Just, now where to post all of this?

  2. Closing the book is particularly lovely.

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