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Poem: Untitled

Peace. I was inspired to write this after watching 500 Days Of Summer for the 4th time. Great movie if you haven’t seen it but full of male bitterness — which I think is refreshing. I also love break-up movies and songs so it’s a perfect mix. Anyway…on to the poem.


Every part of me needs to
Unlatch from you so I can
Breathe in deeply without sobbing or
Saying your name without a sneer or
Looking at photos of you without rage

I tossed your things into
Empty holes which reminded me
Of all the times you said you loved me
But it was all a facade to mask
The fact that you never did

I wonder if you will find
Peace in your actions but I think
You don’t believe you did anything
That would make you feel
Otherwise we would still be

I do not hate you because I have
Moved to a sanctuary where
I am honored by good memories and
Never allowing sadness to
Undo the wholeness of who I am

*To quote Jay-Z, “This ain’t ’bout nobody in partic-ular” — and I mean that. I think every man who fancies himself a person who desired or searching for love has run into a Summer Finn. I thought the pancake scene was one of the cruelest moments in break-up scenes ever. How in the hell do you break up with someone over food? Anyway, bitter as the main character became and heartbroken as he should have been (although Summer warned him), he got what he needed to in the end and learned a valuable lesson. The lesson I’ve learned after a couple of “Summer Finns” myself? Nobody is perfect and people fake moves of the heart easily as blinking but you can’t hold them in contempt forever. Just remember the good times, use the bad times to remind of you of the reasons you’re apart and forgive yourself for falling in love with a dream. PEACE!


5 Responses

  1. I can relate to that..

  2. I really like this. My favorite lines are, “I do not hate you because I have
    Moved to a sanctuary where
    I am honored by good memories and
    Never allowing sadness to
    Undo the wholeness of who I am”

    The wholeness of who I am. That’s pretty much perfect.

  3. I liked your poem Wise for all that it expressed… b/c even though it was written from a male’s perspective, we can definitely all relate to it… I’ve got to rent that movie now…

  4. dear wise,
    this made me feel so much better abt my writing
    your prose isnt laced with triple metaphors and
    super deep-thought provoking witty jargon,
    its just real. palatable.
    i always thought my writing was too simple.
    but sometimes thats all it needs to be.
    thank you, i think i now have the courage
    to write out my closure.

    • Peace Sunnie,

      The moment anyone writes to “make” something is the day they should stop. Just write how it feels and let the words be what they will. I don’t care if nobody likes it. I liked where I was when I wrote it….and that’s good enough for me. Thank you for reading.

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