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Aging Out – The Gap Widens

Peace. This post is an attempt to hash out some thoughts I have about getting older — not something I’m terribly worried about. But it illuminates something I’ve felt for a while. Read on, please. It’s just a rant.


A recent g-chat convo with a friend highlighted a couple of key things — I either am a poor communicator or I truly don’t connect with young people. I find the former more plausible than the latter. I tend to think of myself as a pretty socially aware Gen X-er. I’ve been around and involved in youth movements since I was a young person myself. I find myself  pretty “hip”, pardon the corn right there.

My grandparents have a 13 year age difference between them and met when they were young. I doubt if they had IM or G-chat in their day, it’d be said that their age difference is a reason they didn’t connect or communicated well. I feel like past 18, the language is the language and the comprehension skills of most people should be at best passable. I guess I was flabbergasted when I mentioned to my friend that we have “disjointed” convos and the reply was “it’s probably my age”. That made LITTLE sense to me (and there wasn’t an attempt to have it make sense either).

I’ve been using IM-like tools since my last year of college (which was 95, thank you very much) and yes, it was archaic. I don’t think I’m THAT hard to get in the virtual, live-time sense. I always try to clear up any confusion or doubts.  I truly think it has balls to do with age and everything to do with that particular person (or persons — no singling out here). I’ve had tough convos with others before but I always feel like we can right the ship together. I also believe that happened with this person that inspired the posting eventually.

Now, my youngest brother is in 10th grade. THAT is an age gap of epic proportion. Anyone past the age of 22 should have at least graduated college or nearing that time so I feel like we’d have SOME common ground of discussion. My youngest sibling and I have little in common save for a love of Hip Hop music (yay) and basketball (double yay). BUT that’s a start. I don’t think he’s interested in hanging out (neither am I really) but I do want to know him. I pick his brain for fashion trends, what folks his age are in to and the like. But I also felt like we still related. I think it’s possible “old folks” like myself can still reach back to that place we were and connect with all you little whipper-snappers.

Is it true that once you’re comfortably in your 30s, you have to accept your fogeyism? I mean I look great (for my age — lol) and I feel great and I think I’m just as “cool” as I was 10-15-20 years ago. What’s my age got to do with how I offer myself in conversation? Am I making too much of this? Talk to me.



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  1. You and your bro will probably want to hang out once he gets older. I began to have better relationships with my younger siblings once they all got to college-age. Something about high-schoolers…hehe.

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