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Reverence (Poem)

*This poem is filled with foul language so prepare yourself.*


Again I failed to see what purpose you have in my life.
Except to fuck and fuck often.

And then I realize then that being inside you gains me nothing.
You are emptier than trash cans on vacant blocks.

Nothingness breeds on its own flesh.
You tore at me with talons made of venom and spite.

I love you in light of what I’ve known.
I still wet my lips in preparation for your piercing bite.

I know damn well to move on but I cannot.
I’m stuck inside you…just as you’ve always done.

You trap me with pussy offerings and ego boosting squeals.
You entice me with skin and fluids and oils and bondage.

And, as always, I bow before you.


2 Responses

  1. Just stopping through, solid stuff as always my man. This one is great.

  2. I identify with this from beginning to end and then some. Great *****(those are my five stars)….Peace

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