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Peace! Welcome To A Whole Bunch Of Hot Air!

*Just an introduction to my ramblings.*


I greet you in the universal greeting of PEACE because for those in my culture, that’s how we salute each other. Anyway, I don’t really know what’s charging me to start another blog. I began one a year and a half ago to kind of cope with some feelings over my relationship woes and to expend some mental energies but I found it to be such a taxing affair. I write and edit for a living so to write for leisure is still a somewhat difficult concept to grasp.

However, thanks to Twitter and the like, I’ve been reading and commenting like crazy on blogs and even writing a bit more. I wrote two pieces recently (which I’ll be upping rather soon) and didn’t even have anywhere for them to be hosted. Now, with this blog, I’ll be able to express the vast array of thoughts and interests I’m in possession of. I’m excited to begin this chapter, but I don’t imagine I need to make it be some epic thing.

This blog won’t change your life. It most likely won’t add a damn thing to it. It will sometimes be profane, maybe even offensive at times. It may be funny, it could end up being morose as well. I have no idea what I’m going to write the moment I sit in front of the screen.

I say all this to prepare yourself for everything and nothing at all. The things I will say here should not be taken as law, fact, creed, or a declaration. They are simply my thoughts. Respect that, and I’ll respect you. And with that…




2 Responses

  1. Congratulations on starting a blog, hunnie. I know how you feel considering my blog is only like 2 weeks old, too. You’re so intelligent & very articulate…I can’t wait to read your thoughts in more than 140 characters. LOL. I pray that you find blogging useful for yourself and I pray that you will be able to help others, too. Again, congratulations and I wish you much success!!

  2. yay 🙂 glad you’re joining us in the blogosphere! 🙂


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